Navman Warranty

Warranty Period

The warranty period begins from the date of purchase and it is important that you retain your receipt as proof of purchase and for warranty repairs.

The warranty period is two years for the products listed below:
All MY series
All MIVUE DRIVE series

The warranty period is one year for the products listed below:
All MOVE series
All EZY series
All MIVUE DVR Crash cams

A one year warranty also extends to accessories sold through the online store (excluding maps, B-grade stock and Trade-ins)

What does the warranty cover?

The one & two year warranty is a repair warranty. This means that if a fault occurs with the unit that is not due to misuse, abuse or wilful damage by the customer, then MiTAC Australia will repair the unit.

This warranty covers all standard items that were supplied in the box at the time of purchase.

What isnt covered by warranty?

The following types of faults are not covered by the manufacturers warranty:

1. Cracked Screens
2. Water Damage
3. Any fault resulting from the installation of third party software
4. Any damage to the screen, chassis, accessories or internal components that results from accidental or deliberate misuse, abuse or wilful damage.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. It is to serve as a guide of what faults will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

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