Installing Maps via Unlock Key (Windows)

Before you begin

You will need your unit, USB cable and NavDesk program installed.

We advise that you back up any saved data/POI/My places on the Navman to your PC to ensure that you do not lose any of the saved information.

Please note that downloadable maps vary in size. An approximate size is listed below:
Australian Map Data – 350mb
Eastern European Map Data – 700mb
New Zealand Map Data – 150mb
North American Map Data – 2.1gb
Western European Map Data – 2.2gb

We recommend that you store international mapping data on a separate SD Card in order to retain optimal performance from your unit. You can purchase a micro SD card from any consumer electrical retailer.

Please note: Some settings on your device may change during the installation process. We recommend that you check all settings through the "Preference" menu once you have completed the map installation process prior to driving with your unit.

If your device comes with Lifetime free maps, please click here.

If you have lost your NavDesk DVD, you can download the latest version through the link below:

Click Here to Download the latest version of NavDesk

How to install the Maps

You will receive your map unlock key via email if purchased from our online store or if you have signed up to any available promotions for your device.

Please ensure that you download the correct map for your unit as your key will only work for that specific unit and region. It can only be activated once on one device.

Please note, if you save the ISO file to another location on your computer (e.g. Desktop) you will need to change the location in the NavDesk software or copy the ISO file to the default location - My Documents/My Maps (windows XP) or Documents/My Maps (windows Vista & 7/8).
This can be done by following the steps below:

1. Go to "My Navman"
2. Go to "Option"
3. Click on "Browse"
4. Select the folder that the ISO file has been saved to
5. Select "Open"

Click here to go to Navman AU Mapping Page

Click here to go to Navman NZ Mapping Page

You can also view the tutorial video on YouTube with audio guidance to assist you.

Click here to view the map installation instructions video via YouTube

Map Installation Guide

Click here for the Map Installation Guide

Step 7: Confirming Map Installation

To check if the latest maps are loaded on your unit, please follow the steps below:

1. Turn the GPS device on
2. Select "Settings"
3. Go to "My Maps"
4. Select "Map Version"

Then it will display the version in the following format;

Australia or New Zealand
Core Mapping - Navteq 2XXX XX

International Mapping (Europe, North America)
"Country Name will be displayed eg: Albania, Belarus etc"
Core Mapping - Tele Atlas - v15.XXXX
*v15 = 2015
*v16 = 2016 etc.

The latest AU & NZ map version is V16.05

If you have installed International Maps, follow the steps below to access them on your device:

1. Turn on your unit
2. Go to the Main Menu
3. Select Settings
4. Select My Maps
5. Select Map Set
6. Select the country you wish to load on your unit eg: North America
7. Confirm that you wish to load these maps by selecting Yes
8. The device will restart and load the International Maps.

Please note that when you first turn on the unit overseas, it can take up to 5 minutes for the unit to locate your position. This is because the GPS chip has a memory that allows it to approximate the location of the satellites to pick up the signal faster. When you travel a large distance whilst the unit is off, it needs to be begin the search for satellites from nothing and this is why it may take longer the first time you use the unit overseas. You will also experience this delay upon returning to your local country.

If you experience any errors during the map installation, please note down the error message and contact our Customer Support team on the available methods here.

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