Battery issues on your Navman

1. Battery life too short

2. Battery does not charge/ (device powers on only with external power)

3. Does not turn on/not charging (even with external power)

Possible Causes

1. Battery might have reached the maximum charging times
2. The battery might have reached the maximum time of usage (wear and tear)
3. Not being charged properly
4. Loose USB port/intermittently charging
5. Unit was left turned on while inside an establishment and it kept on getting a signal, which caused the battery to lose the charge
6. Faulty Car Charger
7. Faulty Cig Lead
8. Faulty Battery

Important Information

1. Battery life generally ranges up to 30 minutes on a 3/4.3/5" devices or up to 15 minutes on a 7" device and can be reduced. This is affected by such factors as:

a. Settings

i. Volume
ii. Screen brightness (this has the biggest impact to battery life)

b. Connected media

i. Bluetooth

c. Route taken

i. More events (turns, POIs) = more sound effects and more processing power

2. Charging the battery

a. The car charger will only provide minimum power to charge the device while it is in operation so its recommended to charge via the car charger with the device switched off

b. Its best to charge with a

i. AC adaptor for 3 hours
ii. USB cable via computer for 4-6 hours

3. Car charger

a. The car charger as a green light to indicate when connected. If this light does not come on, it is possible that the fuse has blown out and it needs to be replaced

4. Battery life can be improved by:

a. Fully discharging the battery once every 2 months and then giving it a full charge

How to Troubleshoot

• Is the device turning on when not connected to an external power source?
If yes = Click Here to Refer to Battery Life too Short

If no = does the device power on with an external power source connected?
If yes = Click Here to Refer to Battery Does Not charge

If no = Click Here Refer to Unit Does Not Turn On

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