What are the prices of the Navman units and where will I find the cheapest deals? (MY and EZY series)

Navman supply recommended retail prices to our customers however this does not mean retailers need to sell the products for that price.

Often stores will have sales or special promotions in-store. Navman recommends that you shop around for the best deals or promotions.

The current recommended retail prices as of the 18th of July, 2011

Australia (AUD)

EZY15 - $169
EZY45 - $199
MY80T - $299
MY85XLT - $349 (Australian Release Only)

New Zealand (NZD)

EZY15 - $219
EZY45 - $249
MY80T - $349
MY90XLT - $449 (New Zealand release only)

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