Smart ST Software for MOVE55, MOVE60LM, EZY260LMT, MY550LMT, MY650LMMT

1. Connect your Navman to your computer with the included USB cable
2. Turn your Navman on
3. You will now need to connect to the internet
4. Download the correct file for your specific unit from the relevant link below and save the file to your desktop

MOVE55 & MOVE60LM V7.60.0191

- map update reminder notification
- minor bug fixes
Click Here

EZY260LMT / MY550LMT / MY650LMMT V7.60.0191

- map update reminder notification
- minor bug fixes
Click Here

Running and Installing the Update

1. Open the exe file by double clicking on it
2. If prompted, Click "Run"
3. Connect your device via USB and ensure it is fully charged. Wait for it to display the connect to PC screen

4. Select "English" from the drop down list if prompted.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Next"

6. Once the installation is ready, Click "Install"

7. Once the installation is completed, please select "Finish"

8. Hold down the power button on the device until the screen turns off.
9. Disconnect USB cable

If you experience any issues during the SmartST installation process, please note down any error messages and contact our Customer Support team on the available methods here.

Confirming the SmartST Version

Confirm that the latest SmartST version has been updated correctly by Turning on Device, go to Settings > Help > About
It should display as below to match the version downloaded from the relevant links above.

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