EZY270LMT, MY ESCAPE 3 & MY TRUCK 2 Software Improvement Update

Click Here to Download the Update

How To Install the Image Update Patch to your EZY270LMT, MY ESCAPE 3 OR MY TRUCK 2

Before proceeding, Ensure your device is fully charged or connected via AC power.

1. Download EZY270_MYESCAPE3_MYTRUCK2_Image_R09_.zip file and save to your desktop.

2. Extract the file with WinZip or WinRar or similar program to your desktop.

3. Insert a blank 1GB microSD card into the microSD slot on your device. If there are files on the microSD, ensure they are deleted before proceeding to Step 4.

4. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and turn on the device. Ensure it is displaying the connect to PC screen

5. Copy the iboot.exe, upgrade.xml, WINCEIMG.BIN, WINCEIMG.CKS files onto the root directory of microSD card.

6. Once transfer is complete, unplug the USB cable

7. Reset device by holding down on power button until screen powers off. Hold down power button again for 2 seconds to turn the device on

8. Base image will be upgraded automatically. Device will display a grey screen

9. Followed by Blue screen.

10. After upgrade has completed successfully, the device will restart automatically.
Remove the microSD card before device restarts otherwise it will perform the update again.

11. Update to SmartST v7.60.0135 or higher depending on your device by following the instructions in the link below. Ensure you download the correct SmartST for your device.

Click Here to Update SmartST Software

Confirming the Image Update & SmartST Versions

Confirm that Image version R09 & SmartST v7.60.0135 or Higher for MY ESCAPE3, MY TRUCK 2 & EZY270LMT have been updated correctly by Turning on the device, go to Settings > Help > About
It should display as below.

REMINDER: Ensure you delete the files from the microSD card after you have performed the update.

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