Navdesk for Mivue Drive LM

Navdesk v7.50.0112 - Windows

Navdesk software can be used for installing international maps, activating subscriptions such as monthly safety camera updates, loneley planet and travel guides plus more. You can also use this software to load custom POIs, recovering software keys or registering a PiN against applicable units.

Please note that this is just the software. It does not include the voice files or any map files. Voice and original map files are located on the supplied DVD with your device.

Mivue Drive Navdesk Software v7.50.0112 - Windows

Installing Navdesk - Windows

Once the NavDesk version for the selected model has finished downloading, simply open up the NavDesk installer file and follow the prompts.
If you experience any issues during the installation process, please note down any error messages and contact our Customer Support team on the available methods here.

Navdesk v7.50.1018- Mac

Mivue Drive Navdesk Software v7.50.1018 - Mac

Installing Navdesk - Mac

Installing Navdesk - Mac

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