How do I install the latest software update? (GC, 110, 310, 510, 610, 710 only)

Before starting, please ensure the batteries are fully charged and that you back up your saved data, tracks, geocaches, way points in Vantage Point.

***Please make sure you follow the on screen instructions carefully***

Step 1: Downloading the Software Update

a) Please ensure you download the correct and current software patch for your eXplorist onto ur PC (Take note of where you saved the download file on your PC).

b) Open the file that you downloaded & It will self extract to your PC.

***Do not connect the eXplorist to your PC until instructed, if it is connected, please disconnect it now***

Step 2: Turn on your unit

a) Turn on the eXplorist and allow it to load to the Main Menu

b) Once the main menu is displayed, Connect the eXplorist to your PC via USB

c) When prompted, please select "Connect to PC" on the eXplorist unit.

d) Wait for the screen to display "Connected to PC" and the eXplorist is recognised as a removable drive on your PC

Step 3: Intalling the Software Update

***Do not unplug the USB or power cable before the update has completed. Doing so can cause damage to the unit***

a) Press the "NEXT" Button on the update to start

b) Once it has finished, it will display "Update Completed" on the update software.

c) Disconnect the USB cable from the eXplorist.

Step 4: Transferring of files onto the unit

The unit will begin installing the transferred updated file and a blue screen will show on the eXplorist.

It will automatically reset once completed. **Do not disturb the device during this process.**

When the Main menu displays, the software update is completed.

Press "FINISH" to exit the Magellan Update Wizard and the software update is complete.

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