Buying ANZ/International Maps

Purchasing the map

All available maps can be purchased for the new eXplorist range through the Magellan online store.

At present we have the following maps available for purchase;

Summit Series USA
Summit Series Canada
Summit Series Mexico
Summit Series BeNeLux
Summit Series Australia
City Series USA
City Series Europe
City Series Australia
City Series New Zealand

Maps can be purchased through the Magellan website link below and then by selecting 'Maps' and then 'Outdoor Maps'.

Please note you will need to provide the serial number of your unit to purchase these maps.

Once you have purchased the map, you have 14 days to download and install the maps to your unit.
Click Here to visit Magellan AU Online Store

Download the Map

1. Once you have purchased the map for your unit, you will be sent an email from our online store.

2. This email will have a link contained within in. This link is unique for each customer.

3. Click on the link and select 'Save' when prompted.

4. Save the file to your desktop

5. Once the file has finished downloading, you will see a new black Magellan icon on your desktop, double click on this icon.

6. Select 'Download Map'. Please note that the file size of the map can be up to 4GB depending upon the map you have purchased.

7. The files will then be downloaded onto your computer. There will be multiple files depending on which country and type of map (summit series or City series) that you have purchased. e.g. usa.imi and usa.tpo for Summit Series USA
nswtopofeatures.imi for Summit Series New South Wales

Installing the Map (eXplorist 510, 610 & 710 only)

1. Ensure that you have a microSD card large enough to contain the map files you have downloaded

2. Please the microSD card into your eXplorist unit underneath the batteries.

3. Connect your eXplorist unit to your PC via the supplied USB cable

4. Go to 'My Computer'

5. You will see a drive called 'Magellan' and directly below that there will be a secondary drive (Removable disk) which should be your microSD card.

6. Open the drive that contains your SD card (Removeable Disk) and create a folder called "MAP".

7. Copy all the map files that you downloaded earlier (e.g. usa.imi and usa.tpo) and paste them into the "MAP" folder created on the microSD card drive that you have opened.

Installing the Map (eXplorist 310 only)

**NOTE: The eXplorist 310 has 500mb of internal memory available. In some cases you may not be able to load more than one region and will need to delete a previous region to free up memory.**

1. Turn the GPS receiver on.

2. After the device has completed the start up process, connect the GPS receiver to your PC using a standard USB cable.

3. Select "Connect to PC".

4. Double click on the "My Computer" icon found on your desktop. You will find that there a device displayed, "MAGELLAN".

5. Double click on the MAGELLAN icon to view its directory.

6. Double click on the "MAP" folder to reveal its contents.

7. Drag and Drop all the files (eg: .imi & .tpo) that were downloaded earlier into this directory.

8.When the transfer is complete you can disconnect your receiver from your computer.

Accessing additional maps (eXplorist 510, 610 & 710 only)

Once the maps have been saved to the microSD card, you can access them through your eXplorist unit by following the steps below:

1. Disconnect your unit from the PC

2. Tap on the screen

3. Select the 'Menu' icon in the bottom left hand corner

4. Tap on 'Maps'

5. Tap on 'Detailed Maps'

6. Tap on the box on the desired map you wish to load onto your unit e.g. NSW Summit Series in this case. The maps will now load and are ready to use.

Accessing additional maps (eXplorist 310 only)

Once the maps have been saved to the internal memory of the device, you can access them through your eXplorist 310 unit by following the steps below:

1. Disconnect your unit from the PC

2. Turn the device ON.

3. Press the BACK button to view the Main Menu

4. Select the Tools icon.

5.Select "Settings"

6. Select "Maps"

7. Select the map that you have just downloaded. A tick will appear next to the name indicating that it is active. Exit out of the Map screen and Main Menu to see your newly acquired map on your device and it is ready to use.

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