Echo Fit Getting Started Guide

1. Press and hold the power button (top left) for 2-3 seconds.

2. The device will show a start-up screen followed by a getting started screen containing a QR code and URL.

3. Press the bottom-left or bottom-right button to display either the QR Code or URL for this Getting Started page. Press the bottom-right button twice to enable searching.

4. Launch Magellan Active app and tap on "Your Device Connect" to start the searching mode.
HINT: Do not attempt to pair your Echo Fit with your smartphone via the default Bluetooth options in Settings > Bluetooth as you would with a Bluetooth handsfree device.

Click Here for Magellan Active App on iOS
Click Here for Magellan Active App on Android

5. Complete The Setup Wizard

Follow directions on the app to complete your user profile and goal settings. These settings will be synced to your Echo Fit which helps personalize your daily activities.

6. Read Through The Startup Screens

If loaded with an older version of device software, press the bottom right button to skip through the startup sequence which includes the URL and QR code to enter searching.

Otherwise, double tap the screen to skip through the three startup screens to enter searching.

7. Accept Pairing On Echo Fit And Wait For Sync To Complete.

With your Magellan Active App open and on the dashboard screen (the app will be attempting to pair to an Echo Fit during this time), wait for the Echo Fit to display a pairing screen, press the bottom-right button to confirm.

NOTE: If a 10 second countdown appears, press any button to continue searching. Make sure the Magellan Active Application is still searching for your Echo Fit, otherwise press the sync button in the top right hand corner on the dashboard screen of the Active Application to re-initiate the search process on the application side.

8. Make Sure Echo Fit Is Running The Latest Device Software v4.0.5.25.

The Magellan Active App will display an alert when a new device software is available. Your device needs to be upgraded to version or greater to work properly with the Active App. Select Yes to begin the device software update process. When complete, allow the device to reset and re-do steps 6 and 7 to establish your pair.

9. Customise Device Settings And Specify User Preferences

The Magellan Active Application can be used to customise your Echo Fit settings anytime. You will need to make sure your device is connected to the Active Application for any of your changes to be properly synced. The top left menu icon will allow you to navigate through your profile, goals, and device settings.

10. Disconnect Your Echo Fit From The Magellan Active Application And Other Third Party Fitness Applications.

An Echo Fit device can only be connected to one application at a time, so you will need to disconnect the device by pressing and holding the top button to exit to watch mode (where your passive activity data is constantly being tracked). Close your Active Application before attempting to pair with any other third party fitness application.

Enabling Phone Notifications - iOS

Following the instructions here

Enabling Phone Notifications - Android

Following the instructions here


- If your Echo Fit does not exit pairing mode and go into daily watch mode with time & daily tracking, disable the bluetooth feature on your device.

- If your Echo Fit turns off after exiting pairing mode and does not go into daily watch mode, reset your Echo Fit to factory defaults by following the instructions here and then try pairing again.

Compatible Fitness Apps

Wahoo Fitness

Apple App Store Link

Android App Store Link


Apple App Store Link

iSmoothRun (requires Pro version at additional Cost)

Apple App Store Link

Golf Pad (requires Pro version at additional Cost)

Apple App Store Link

Android App Store Link


Apple App Store Link


Apple App Store Link

Android App Store Link


Apple App Store Link

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