Echo Utility App for Echo

What is Echo Utility?

Latest Version for iOS v2.2
Latest Version for Android v2.0

The Magellan Echo Utility is used for testing and configuring Magellan Echo devices and accessories. It also allows you to update the firmware on your Echo device.

Where Can I Download Echo Utility?

You can download the Magellan Echo Utility software direct from the Apples iTunes and Google Play store to your compatible Apple IPhone, IPod, IPad or Android device. Simply open up the “App Store” or “Google Play Store” app on your Apple or Android device and search for “Echo Utility”. You will need to have an internet connection to search, view and download this app.

You can also download the software from your Computer but you will need to have Apple ITunes installed first to be able to browse for the Echo Utility Software.
Once downloaded, you can sync up your compatible Apple device to transfer the downloaded app over onto your Apple device.

Echo Utility Apple

Echo Utility Android

Syncing up with Echo Utility

1. Open up Echo Utility app on your device

2. Tap on “Connect” on the Echo coloured watch icons

3. Hold down any button on your Echo for menu to appear.
Press the top left button to enter “Searching” mode.

4. Select the “Tick” when the Echo detects your device to sync with Echo Utility. This will take a few seconds to sync 100%

5. On the next screen, you can view or change the following options:

For Echo:

- About
- Device Info
- Settings (Clock display, Time & Date Format)
- Help

6. Once done, tap on the back arrow in the top left corner of the app to return to the main Echo Utility screen

7. If you have a Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ Hear Rate Monitor, you can sync it here as well by tapping on “Connect” on the Heart Rate Monitor icon. Ensure you wet the sensor pads and place it against the skin on your chest before syncing. Please note that some phones may require an additional adapter to connect to bluetooth smart or ANT+ heart rate monitors, Please contact your phone manufacturer for assistance.

8. You are done syncing your Echo & Heart Rate Monitor via Echo Utility.

You can now proceed to Sync up with your desired compatible fitness app.

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