Upload Recordings via WIFI on Cyclo 500/505

Register your Device

You must create an account and register your Cyclo device to your Magellan Cyclo account first before you can perform WIFI sync. You can do this at www.magellancyclo.com

1. Connect unit via USB to PC

2. Launch Cyclo Agent and log in with your Email and Password

3. Click on “Register” to register your Cyclo device to your account

4. Once registered succesfully, it will display “Your device has been registered succesfully”

5. Click “OK” and follow the instructions below to perform WIFI upload from your device.

WIFI Sync from your Device

1. Enable the WIFI function from Main menu > Settings

Tap on WIFI sync.

2. The device will automatically scan for available wireless networks. The network names and security settings (public network or secured with WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) of the detected wireless networks will be displayed on the WLAN settings screen.

3. From the available network list, tap a wireless network to connect.

4. When completed, the sync result will be displayed and show that the sync is successful.

5. Tap OK to return to the WIFI settings screen. The WLAN connection will be disconnected automatically.

6. You will need to tap on WIFI Sync each time you wish to upload a new activity via WIFI you only need to select the WIFI network you wish to connect to. If a previous network is used, you don”t need to enter the password again (if applicable) and WIFI sync will perform automatically.

7. If an error message pops up stating “Please register your Magellan Cyclo before using WIFI Sync” then follow the “Register your Device” instructions at the top of this page before performing WIFI Sync.

I Cannot Connect via WIFI - CLICK HERE

If you require any technical assistance, please contact our Customer Support team on the available methods here.

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