Pairing a Heart Rate Monitor with Cyclo 505

Before using and pairing the heart rate monitor you must wet the contacts on the back of the chest strap and fit it on correctly according to the instrucitons below.

Tip: To ensure a good contact, you can also use an electrolyte gel (usually available from local Fit

Adjust the elastic strap so that it is snug when you put it on. Ensure that you can take a good deep breath after putting on the strap.
Follow the instructions below to wrap the strap around your back, and then secure it with the buckle.

When you have fitted the heart rate monitor correctly, you can manually pair the sensors with your device by turning the device on > tap Settings

Tap on Sensors

Press the Arrow button until you see HR detection > Select either Automatic (will scan for the sensor automatically) or Manual > Select the Tick to complete.
If Manual was selected, Tap on Scan Now to search for the heart rate monitor.

Sensor Scanning Tip

**If your sensor is not detected automatically, select “Manual” then select “Scan Now”.

**If your sensor still cannot be detected, please try replacing the battery and try again.

**If it will still not be detected with new battery inserted, it could mean that you have a faulty HR sensor. Please contact Magellan Technical Support for further assistance.

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