Team Viewer Remote Desktop Support

What Is Team Viewer?

Team Viewer is a program that allows our technical support staff to remotely access your computer from anywhere around the world to assist with any issues you have regarding map installations, software updates, software reinstallations, activation map and subscription keys, loading tracks and much more. All you need is a Windows or Mac computer or laptop and an active Internet Connection.

To download the program, Click on the Team Viewer Icon below.
Once download has completed, please double click on the file and follow the prompts to install and run the program.

This program is only required once you contact our technical support line for assistance and are advised by the representative to download this program.
If advised, please wait for the technical support representatives instructions on what to do next to proceed with the remote desktop support.

There is no need to be alarmed or worried about us accessing your computer, as you will have full control at a times and can see every single thing the representative is doing on your screen.
if you feel that he/she is accessing personal files without your permission, you can easily end the remote desktop session by clicking the X icon at the top toolbar.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Download TeamViewer for Windows OS

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Download TeamViewer for Mac OS

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