How do I Download a DigitalGlobe Satellite Map onto my GPS?

How to Download the map

To download the map use the following steps:

Please make sure that you have the latest software on your unit

1. If you have not already done so, Download VantagePoint by clicking on the link below
2. Open up VantagePoint and under “partners” in the top tool bar select the DG drop down tab.
3. You will see three options “Download imagery” “My account” and “ Purchase Subscription” if you have already purchased a subscription select "Download Imagery."
4. Next you will be prompted a message informing you to log in select "Yes."
5. A window will appear prompting you to enter you user name and password. Log in using your Magellan account username and password.
6. Upon logging in your GPS model and subscription status will appear select the GPS model by clicking onto the check box and then select "OK."
7. A map box will appear on the map with a red X and a green arrow, using your mouse click onto one of the corners to adjust to the desirable size.

Click here to download VantagePoint


You can right click in the box to see how large the map will be. The maximum size is 250mb. File size will vary depending on selected resolution and size of the area of interest.

Once you have the desired area selected click onto the green arrow. and as a result a window will appear indicating name and detail level. Select ok to begin processing the map. The map will download to your PC first then you will be prompted a message to save to your GPS or Micro SD card or Hard drive.


Selecting a Best Detailed map will significantly increase the size so you may need to re-size the map by selecting cancel.

Once the download is complete you can select the map on your GPS under maps on your GPS. Triton receivers have Map option under menu-view and eXplorist GPS receivers have map option under menu-maps

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